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The 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define global sustainable development priorities for 2030 and seek to mobilize global efforts around a common set of goals and targets. The SDGs call for worldwide action among governments, business and civil society to end poverty and create a life of dignity and opportunity for all, within the boundaries of the planet. 

There is much work to be done to understand how the private sector contributes to the advancement of these Global Goals through aggregating corporate environment, social and governance data (ESG data). 

Metrics being researched cover a range of SDGs according to a mapping of business disclosures to the SDGs (see the SDG Compass), and a range of environmental, social and governance areas.

This Project

This project is part of the SDGs Research, which aims to bring together institutions and students around the world to research how corporations impact and contribute to the SDGs.

By researching and analyzing company performance and making new data available on WikiRate, students and researchers contribute to understanding corporate sustainability and issues of subjectivity, contextualization of data and comparability.

  1. Collecting and add data to WikiRate according to the set of metrics in your project for 1 company over 1 year.
  2. In parallel to the data research, collecting qualitative information according to the SDGs and metrics researched, which provide additional context to understanding how companies are reporting to the SDGs and different issue areas.
  3. Peer review of data research.


  • Create a WikiRate profile. Click the “join” button on WikiRate.org Create a username [name/student number/etc], add your email address and password, then click submit.

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Banco de Bogota
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Organizacion Terpel S.A.
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Cementos Argos
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Organizacion Corona SA