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This project is part of the SDGs Research, which aims to bring together institutions and students around the world to research how corporations impact and contribute to the SDGs. Students use public documents to gather data on corporate sustainability performance according to a topic or SDG, for example SDG 3: Good Health & Well Being, aggregate the data on the WikiRate platform, and then use the data to address a specific research question.

Some students use the data-gathering process to critique the different approaches of reporting and disclosure, and to consider what kinds of information is missing or difficult to compare. Others use the data to analyze disclosure rates or performance of a company over time. All the students learn more about how data is obscured, nuanced and difficult to compare, and think about the challenges of gathering data to understand how companies impact the SDG objectives.

A full report on the 2017 pilot phase included analysis of the data collected with respect to corporate disclosure rates across sustainability topics and specific SDGs; and research on the curriculum integration from a pedagogical perspective, alongside assessment of learning outcomes and student and professor experiences. The pilot outcomes were presented to member states during the 2017 UN SDG Forum at the High-Level Political Forum in New York, to showcase this effort to track company progress to the SDGs.

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