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Does the company have separate targets for emissions reductions and removals?
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About the data

Net Zero Tracker provides an overview of the 2 000 largest publicly-traded companies in the world by revenue. For those companies with a net zero (or other) target, Net Zero Tracker analyses the key components of that pledge.
Data available with attribution under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 License.

Source: Net Zero Tracker. Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, Data-Driven EnviroLab, NewClimate Institute, Oxford Net Zero. 2022.
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"This is rare, as most entities do not separate their targets into reducing their emissions and neutralizing any residuals / historical emissions. 
While currently rare, some actors differentiate their emissions reductions targets from their removals targets. For example, a company may say it is reducing its emissions from 100MT to 20MT (an 80% reduction), but then also committing to remove 20MT through other project.s 
If yes, please provide details in the notes. "
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