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Vina Concha y Toro S.A By EAFIT
2015 = They use less water than other companies of the industry
Biomax S.A
2017 = The execution of programs focused on the control of significant aspects is maintained activity to achieve reductions in water and energy reduction of the carbon footprint, as well as the planning of proposals that encourage the participation and awareness of workers with the development of the health tour, safety and the environment. In relation to these activities, we continue to take care of forest plantations in Cimitarra, Santander, of the ecological trails in the Pereira Plant, eco-responsible program, HSEQ assessments and audits for suppliers and contractors of direct and indirect purchases, and participates in sectoral voluntary programs. Similarly, this year the 8th version of the Digital Photography Contest was held, which has main goal is to create awareness among employees and their families about the environmental care.
ambev EAFIT
2015 = Returnable glass bottles offer environmental benefits and can be up to 30% cheaper for the consumer.
Constructora Bolivar
2014 = En el plan de manejo ambiental se consignan todas las acciones de control tendientes a mitigar el impacto por ruido, remoción de escombros, remoción de material de excavación, manejo u almacenamiento de productos químicos, combustibles y aceites.

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