Companies providing consumer goods are increasingly aware of the value of supply chain transparency. NGOs have been rallying for more disclosure and as a result in 2017 a large number of companies published a list of their suppliers. This is of course a great step in the right direction, but how transparent are these suppliers in turn? As part of the ChainReact project we aim to find out what suppliers are disclosing about their policies, practices, and employees. But we need your help!

H&M is one of the many companies that participated in the Clean Clothes Supply Chain Transparency campaign. Using the metrics in this project page we will investigate what a number of their suppliers is disclosing. The first two metrics will guide you to find out if there is any disclosure at all, after that we are looking to find out if they are disclosing some of the basics.

Throughout this process, keep an eye out for interesting data! Take note of the data you find that is not captured by the projects metrics, and let us know what you found so we can together create even more interesting metrics.

Further Guidance:

From your Project page, find a company that has not yet been researched, and click the “Research” button next the company to begin.

  • If you don’t see the source you need, add a new source. Tag the company to the source, and *important*, tag it with the relevant “Report Type” which you can select from the drop down. This will ensure the source is pulled into your research page.

  • Watch the tutorial video if you get hung up on any of the technical details around using the platform.

  • Add values that answer the metric questions, citing sources, indicating page numbers where you found the answers, and providing as much contextual information you think necessary to support others that will be looking at your data.

Check out the following example company to see how the project organisers have researched these metrics:

Let’s make companies better, together!

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12 records have been researched out of a potential 88 (22 Companies x 4 Metrics).

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