In the context of the GRI Standards, the social dimension of sustainability concerns an organization’s impacts on the social systems within which it operates.

GRI 406addresses the topic of non-discrimination. For the purpose of this Standard, discrimination is defined as the act and the result of treating people unequally by imposing unequal burdens or denying  benefits, instead of treating each person fairly on the  basis of individual merit.

Discrimination can also include  harassment. This is defined as a course of comments or actions that are unwelcome, or should reasonably be known to be unwelcome, to the person towards whom  they are addressed. 

An organization is expected to avoid discriminating  against any person on any grounds, including avoiding  discrimination against workers at work. It is also  expected to avoid discriminating against customers  with respect to the provision of products and services, or against any other stakeholder, including suppliers or business partners.

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