Question: What score did the company achieve for this indicator in the Fashion Transparency Index Brazil 2021?
Fashion Revolution
Unverified - Added by Steward
Scored Option Value
check_circle Name of Facility 1.153846154
check_circle Address 1.153846154
check_circle Type of products or services 0.7692307692
check_circle Approximate number of workers at each site 0.7692307692
check_circle Sex-disaggregated breakdown of workers 0.3846153846
check_circle If facility has trade union 0.3846153846
check_circle If the facility has an independent worker committee 0.3846153846
check_circle % or number of migrant or contract workers 0.3846153846
check_circle Certifications the facility has (if any) (2021 only) 0.3846153846
check_circle Name of Parent Company (for each facility if applicable) 1.153846154
circle Discloses which tier one facility (or facilities) this processing facility works with
check_circle List is publicly available as a csv or Excel spreadsheet 1.153846154
check_circle Discloses what percentage of processing facilities is published 0.3846153846
check_circle Discloses 95% or higher of processing facilities are included in the list/map 0.7692307692
check_circle Publishes that this list or map of processing facilities has been updated within the past 6 months 0.3846153846
circle Race-disaggregated breakdown of workers at each site (FTI Brazil only) 0.3846153846
circle Nothing 0