Question: What information does the company publish about its processing facilities? (e.g. ginning and spinning, knitting, weaving, sub-contractors, dyeing and wet processing, tanneries, embroidering, printing, fabric finishing, dye-houses, laundries, etc.)
Name of Facility,
Name of Parent Company (for each facility if applicable),
Type of products or services,
Approximate number of workers at each site,
If facility has trade union,
If the facility has an independent worker committee,
Sex-disaggregated breakdown of workers,
% or number of migrant or contract workers,
Certifications the facility has (if any) (2021 only),
List is publicly available as a csv or Excel spreadsheet,
Discloses what percentage of processing facilities is published,
Discloses 95% or higher of processing facilities are included in the list/map,
Publishes that this list or map of processing facilities has been updated within the past 6 months
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