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What score did the company achieve for 1.3 Management Procedures in the Fashion Transparency Index?
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These management procedures identify how the company is putting its policies into action. It is important for a company to have procedures that apply to their suppliers and own employees. This shows that they are working to uphold their commitments to human rights, social impacts and environmental protection and that the company takes some steps to improve practises across the company and/or the supply chain.

A note on the scoring system

WikiRate has a standardised 10-point scoring system making it possible to compare company scores across different benchmarks. On, the Fashion Transparency Index scoring system, where each company can get a maximum of 250 points, has been converted to the 10-point scoring system - with 10 being the highest a company can score and 0 being the lowest. These company scores can also be translated to percentages e.g. if a company has scored 2.5 out of 10 on WikiRate, they have achieved 25% of the 250 points in the Fashion Transparency Index.

Value Score
Animal Welfare 0.357
Annual Leave & Public Holidays 0.357
Anti-bribery Corruption & Presentation of False Information 0.357
Biodiversity & Conservation 0.357
Child Labour 0.357
Community Engagement 0.357
Contracts & Terms of Employment 0.357
Discrimination 0.357
Diversity & Inclusion 0.357
Energy & Carbon Emissions 0.357
Equal Pay 0.357
Forced & Bonded Labour 0.357
Foreign & Migrant Labour 0.357
Freedom of Association Right to Organise & Collective Bargaining 0.357
Harassment & Violence 0.357
Health & Safety 0.357
Living Conditions/Dormitories 0.357
Maternity Rights & Parental Leave 0.357
Notice Period Dismissal & Disciplinary Action 0.357
Overtime Pay 0.357
Restricted Substance List 0.357
Sub-contracting Outsourcing & Homeworkers 0.357
Wages & Financial Benefits (e.g. bonuses/insurance/social security/pensions) 0.357
Waste & Recycling (Packaging/Office/Facility/Retail) 0.357
Waste & Recycling (Product/Textiles) 0.357
Water Effluents & Treatment 0.357
Water Usage & Footprint 0.357
Working Hours & Rest Breaks 0.357
None 0