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Has the company provided financial support for certification? Participation in the Public Private Alliance (PPA) would count for points; PPA is a step toward certification but not certification, as per the definition: certification as a multi-stakeholder process similar to the Kimberley and/or Forest Stewardship Council processes, which would be an international regime to trace, audit, and certify 3TG metals as being conflict-free.
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For consumers to be able to purchase conflict-free electronics made with Congolese minerals, a certification scheme that builds upon the lessons of the Kimberley Process will be required. This would be aimed at setting up conflict-free mines in Congo that help communities. Donor governments and industry should provide financial and technical assistance to galvanize this process.

Scores based on company submissions in conjunction with publically available information; Yes = 2 pts for support > $500K, 1.5 pts for support >$200K, 1 pt for support <$200K, No = 0 pts