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Does the company make an explicit, clearly articulated policy commitment to human rights, including freedom of expression and privacy?
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Research Policy
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Code of Conduct
Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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The company should publicly commit to respect users’ human rights to freedom of expression and privacy.

This indicator seeks evidence that the company has made explicit policy commitment to freedom of expression and privacy. This standard is outlined in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’ Operational Principle 16, which states that companies should adopt formal policies publicly affirming their commitments to international human rights principles and standards. This indicator seeks disclosure of such a policy commitment in formal policy documents or other communications that reflect official company policy.


Note that this indicator evaluates a company’s official policy commitment to both freedom of expression and privacy. These commitments must be publicly available. Companies with policies that mention only one (freedom of expression or privacy) will receive partial credit.


  • Policy commitment – A publicly available statement that represents official company policy which has been approved at the highest levels of the company.

Potential sources:

  • Company human rights policy

  • Company statements, reports, or other communications that reflect official company policy

  • Company annual report or sustainability report that refers to official policy documents