The largest open registry of corporate sustainability data in the world.

WikiRate has public data on companies from all sectors, covering their environmental, social, and governance performance.

What makes our data so special?


Licensed under CC BY 4.0 the data can be accessed, used and shared by anyone. The only requirement: attribution.


There are no costs, ever, for using the data. We are all impacted by companies. Sharing the data freely means everyone can get more informed and be the change they want to see.


Unlike other data providers, we host data from any public source (not just self-reported company data). This means more nuanced insights on company impacts.

What makes our data so reliable?


Full clarity on where the data comes from, when and by whom it was added, and what methodology was used to make sense of it.


Open access means more eyes on the data. It allows anomalies and errors to be found faster, creating better data quality for everyone.


A multi-tiered verification system to indicate at what stage of the production pipeline the data is and the level of assurance given.


Every company, metric, and answer is stored under a unique WikiRate ID. This means data quality can be improved without losing track.

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