This dataset provides the indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 2) for 20 companies, focusing on different calculation methodologies and energy sources. It includes the following metrics:

  1. Indirect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions (Scope 2) - GRI 305-2: This metric captures the total amount of GHG emissions (in tons of CO2 equivalent) that each organization is indirectly responsible for, aligning with the GRI 305-2 standard.

  2. Scope 2 Emissions - Market Based: This metric details the Scope 2 indirect emissions reported by each company using the market-based approach, which considers contractual instruments and supplier-specific emission factors.

  3. Scope 2 Emissions - Location Based: This metric provides the Scope 2 indirect emissions reported using the location-based approach, which utilizes average emission factors related to the specific location of electricity consumption.

  4. Types of Purchased Energy Tracked (Scope 2 Emissions): This metric outlines the various types of purchased energy sources that companies report as contributors to their Scope 2 emissions, providing insights into their energy procurement strategies.

This dataset is valuable for understanding corporate GHG emissions reporting, comparing different calculation methodologies, and analyzing the diversity of energy sources used by companies.