Product Responsibility Performance Indicators address the elements of a reporting organization’s products and services that directly affect customers: health and safety, information and labeling, customer privacy and marketing & communication. Organizations are expected to exercise due care in the design of their products and services to ensure they are fit for their intended use and do not pose unintended hazards to health and safety. In addition, communications related to both products and services and users need to take into consideration the information needs of customers and their rights to privacy

Source: GRI


Information and labeling are used synonymously and describe communication delivered with the product or service describing its characteristics (Source: GRI).


The right of the customer to privacy and personal refuge, including matters such as the protection of data, the use of information/data only for its original intended purpose (unless specifically agreed otherwise), the obligation to observe confidentiality, and protection from misuse or theft. A customer is understood to include end-customers (consumer) as well as businessto- business customers (Source: GRI).