Company Vetting
Company Vetting

This project is set up to help capture metadata and corporate sustainability performance data from company’s CSR and Communication on Progress Reports submitted to the UN Global Compact, which can help you to assess whether a company report contains sufficient content for further research.

To find companies and their reports, we suggest looking through the UN Global Compact’s database of participants here (Advanced reporters and Active reporters are more likely to report data within their CSR or COP reports) and the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database.

For the “Company Report Available“ metric, enter a value of “Yes”, add and cite the source(s) that you will use for answering the other questions. If you can’t find an appropriate company report, enter a value of “No“ with a “Report“ source where you explain how you searched for relevant reports. If you can’t find an appropriate company report, you should choose another company, as you won’t be able to answer any of the other questions.

The next two metrics about Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines and Index are designed to determine whether the company reports according to the GRI’s guidelines. “Yes” answers to these metrics indicate that the company’s reporting will be relatively easy to research and contain a good amount of relevant data.

The remainder of the metrics ask for commonly reported data, if you find that most of these metrics are not reported on, or it is difficult to locate that information, this indicates that the company’s reporting may be quite difficult to analyse or yield little data. It is up to you whether to continue with research on a company whose reporting is difficult to interpret or contains little information. Where data is absent, “Unknown” values are still informative and of value on WikiRate - but you may find it more rewarding to study a company that reports more information, so that you have more to analyse.

If you come across questions around how to use this research page, watch the tutorial video on how to conduct research through this Project: