Question: Does the company define Biodiversity?
Biodiversity Definition
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It defines how its business affects biodiversity and also reports the steps taken to preserve it.

pg. 8

“The impact of our food systems on the health of people and the planet is increasingly well documented. Studies point to plants as the solution to healthy food for more and more people around the world while preserving resources. Scientists are in agreement about flexitarian eating, with a larger proportion of plant-based food. In addition to being healthy, it is also virtuous for the climate and biodiversity. According to a WWF study(2), the global transition to a flexitarian regime would prevent the loss of 5% of biodiversity, reduce emissions by 4.4 Gt CO2 eq. per year and result in the sequestration of 5 Gt CO2 per year, i.e. an 18% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions”

Pg. 36

“Bonduelle undertakes to: — improve practices and implement projects aimed at reducing its industrial environmental footprint, in particular its carbon and water footprint, reducing the production of waste or increasing its recovery, and assessing the risks or opportunities for preserving biodiversity in or around its industrial facilities;.”

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