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Does the company define Biodiversity?

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"Biodiversity includes the wide variety of flora and fauna which populates the world and permits the development of human life. Its loss is ranked in the top 5 existential threats that humanity will face withinthe next 10 years according to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Risks Report."

Source: Integrating Biodiveristy in Business

"Biodiversity is a fundamental component of long-term business survival. Businesses rely on genes, species, and ecosystem services as critical inputs into their production processes and depend on healthy ecosystems to treat and dissipate waste, maintain soil and water quality and help control the air composition. For example, agribusiness relies on the diversity of wild relatives of major food crops, as a resource to ensure crop resistance to disease and pests.

Source: IFC-World Bank

This metric is asking whether the company includes a definition of biodiversity on their public reports.

The information is most likely to be found on a company's sustainability report, annual report, or integrated report.

If you can find the company defines Biodiveristy, set their value to “Yes”. In this case, please add the definition to the comments and indicate the page number where you found it.

If the company does not include a definition of biodiversity, you should set their value on this metric to “No”.

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