Disclosure Score
How transparent is the company in relation with their actions aimed at climate change mitigation, adaptation and transparency?

About the data

CDP evaluates every year the level of transparency companies demonstrate in reporting their actions aimed at climate change mitigation and adaptation. This evaluation is based on the information companies voluntarily provide to the organization.


The number of points allocated to each question depends on the amount of data requested. Some questions have more than one point attached to a single piece of information where the information is of particularly high importance, e.g. the gross global Scope 1 emissions figure. Questions which allow text responses are usually judged according to how many of the required data points they achieve. These are set out in the CDP 2014 guidance, and in the detailed CDP methodology document.

At the end of scoring, the number of points a company has been awarded is divided by the maximum number that could have been awarded. The fraction is then converted to a percentage by multiplying by 100 and rounded to the nearest whole number.

(Points awarded / points attainable) x 100 = Disclosure Score