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IDH Living Wage Call to Action Signatory
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The IDH, Sustainable Trade Initiative launched a Call to Action to companies to join the effort to build a living wage economy. 

The signatory companies commit to the following ten actions: 

  1. Identifying living wage gaps in our own operations and supply chains, with a specific focus on the gender pay gap.
  2. Establishing shared frameworks with supply chain partners to close the gap, with concrete milestones.
  3. Joining in multi-stakeholder partnerships that target areas with large living wage gaps.
  4. Building awareness and understanding among consumers of how they contribute to better livelihoods.
  5. Implementing practical solutions to remove barriers and close living wage gaps and share costs in an equitable way.
  6. Supporting freedom of association with robust social dialogue and wage setting mechanisms.
  7. Adopting sustainable procurement and trading practices, including living wage requirements as part of commercial specifications, sourcing policies and/or contractual clauses/purchasing agreements.
  8. Ensuring that value created actually reaches workers.
  9. Transparently reporting on progress towards a living wage.
  10. Sharing learnings, challenges and solutions to inform and elevate all efforts as we find new pathways for reaching living wages.

Source: IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative

The signatories are listed on the IDH website

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