Automobile Industries face a number of challenges complying with environmental regulatory requirements. In particular managing and monitoring development of greenhouse gas emissions limits in the United States, European Union, and elsewhere, and chemical and hazardous waste management and disposal requirements that directly impact the sector. Unlike other industrial sectors, auto manufacturers face unique environmental pressures from OEMs and competitors to develop and maintain certain environmental practices such as “sustainability” programs, targeted waste reductions, and policing of the supply chain for particular hazardous materials.

However, because of this, we've noticed in recent years that there is a growing trend amongst companies in which they must be transparent with their production process in order to cater consumers. Today, considering the growing concern for global warming, the more sustainability a company practices, the more customers they attract. Sweden has been recognized as having adopted sustainability as a part of their everyday lives. And so, we want to push communities in Sweden to share their thoughts on the matter by targeting Volvo, a Swedish car manufacturing company, and who although is practicing sustainability, is still not amongst the top 10 “green” car manufacturers of the world. To make good with this community, Volvo will act to better their actions, this will make Volvo greener, the communities happy, and the world a better place to live in. We can challenge ourselves to bring out what really goes on behind the scenes of automobile production to and who knows, potentially find answers towards bettering our environment.

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