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Industry Sectors
Which industry sector(s) has the company been assigned in the AUS Modern Slavery Register?
Value Type
Automotive/ machinery and heavy electrical equipment
Charitable / not-for-profit activities
Cleaning and security services
Consumer services/ including accommodation/ hospitality/ tourism and leisure
Construction/ civil engineering and building products
Cosmetics and toiletries
Defence and aerospace
Durable consumer goods/ including electronics and appliances/ home furnishings and other accessories
Education and research
Fashion/ textiles/ apparel and luxury goods
Financial/ insurance and real estate activities
Food and beverages/ agriculture and fishing
Forestry/ timber products/ paper and containers and packaging
Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
Information technology and telecommunication
Media/ publishing/ arts and entertainment
Mining/ metals/ chemicals and resources (including oil and gas)
Professional and administrative services and supplies/ including legal/ consulting and accounting services
Transportation/ logistics/ and storage
Utilities gas/ water and electricity
Waste management and recycling
Research Policy
Community Assessed