InfluenceMap+Performance Band

Performance Band

What is the company's performance band based on InfluenceMap?

Companies Values

Phillips 66

2016 = F

Koch Industries

2016 = F

Valero Energy

2016 = F

Time Warner Inc.

2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Time Warner Inc.+2016+value

Dow Chemical

2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Dow Chemical+2016+value


2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Lukoil+2016+value

EOG Resources

2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+EOG Resources+2016+value

Cargill Inc.

2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Cargill Inc.+2016+value


2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Schlumberger+2016+value


2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Hess+2016+value


2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Solvay+2016+value

Bayer AG

2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Bayer AG+2016+value

Merck & Co

2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Merck & Co+2016+value

Daimler AG

2016 = E+InfluenceMap+Performance Band+Daimler AG+2016+value

Exxon Mobil

2016 = E-

Chevron Corporation

2016 = E-

Occidental Petroleum

2016 = E-


2016 = E-

Duke Energy

2016 = E-

UnitedHealth Group

2016 = E

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The InfluenceMap performance band is a measure of the influence the organization may have on climate policy based on InfluenceMap's method.

For each corporation, the organizational score and the relationship score are combined to compute an overall rating, placing the corporation in a performance band. There are 20 performance bands from A+ (representing a total score from 95-100%) through to E- (a score of 25-30%), with scores below 25% falling in the red "F" band. A score of 60% or more indicates that the corporation is actively supporting policies and regulations towards a low-carbon future. Conversely, scores lower than 40% indicate obstructing behavior. As different sectors face differing regulatory issues, it is most useful to compare the performance bands of corporations within the same sector.


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