Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)+Energy consumption heat consumed from onsite CHP (kWh)

Energy consumption heat consumed from onsite CHP (kWh)

What is the total heat consumed from onsite CHP for the whole estate?

Companies Values

University of Dundee

2015 = 14.4M kWh

University of Worcester

2015 = 0 kWh

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Research Policy
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Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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This field contains data about heat consumed from onsite CHP. The value can be recorded to three decimal places. This is applicable to higher education providers (HEP) in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Reason required: for advice to Government, monitoring progress towards sector carbon targets and for use in producing Capital Investment Framework (CIF) metrics.
Energy consumption for the whole estate - heat consumed from onsite CHP (kWh).

This will be included in the energy consumption totals but excluded from the scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.
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