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Good Company Grade

Overall grade awarded by the Good Company Index

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2014 = B /A-F

Intel Corporation

2014 = B /A-F

Microsoft Corporation

2014 = B- /A-F

General Electric

2014 = B- /A-F

Deere & Co

2014 = B- /A-F

Costco Wholesale

2014 = B- /A-F

Lockheed Martin

2014 = B- /A-F

Philip Morris International

2014 = B- /A-F

Alcoa Inc.

2011 = B- /A-F

Delta Air Lines

2014 = B- /A-F

Apple Inc.

2014 = B+Good Company Index+Good Company Grade+Apple Inc.+2014+value /A-F

Ford Motor Company

2014 = B+Good Company Index+Good Company Grade+Ford Motor Company+2014+value /A-F

Travelers Cos

2011 = B+Good Company Index+Good Company Grade+Travelers Cos+2011+value /A-F

United Parcel Service Inc.

2014 = B+Good Company Index+Good Company Grade+United Parcel Service Inc.+2014+value /A-F


2014 = C /A-F

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation)

2014 = C /A-F

Dow Chemical

2014 = C /A-F

The Coca Cola Company

2014 = C /A-F


2014 = C /A-F

Google Inc.

2014 = C /A-F
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"Good Company" examines specific company behavior through three primary roles: how the company acts as an employer, as a seller, and as a steward of the community and environment. A good company is one that starts with good intentions and then puts those into practice concretely through its actions in these three areas. 

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