Global Reporting Initiative+Customer data leaks, thefts, losses (G4-PR8-b)

Customer data leaks, thefts, losses (G4-PR8-b)

What is the total number of identified leaks, thefts, or losses of customer data?

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Alpina Foods

2015 = Unknown

Alsea S.A.B. de C.V.

2015 = Unknown
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This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines. It covers one of the requirements of Indicator G4-PR8 - 'Total number of identified leaks, thefts, or losses of customer data'.

​Protection of customer privacy is a generally recognized goal in national regulations and organizational policies. Non-compliance indicates either inadequate internal management systems and procedures or ineffective implementation. This Indicator provides an evaluation of the success of management systems and procedures relating to customer privacy protection. In addition to direct financial consequences such as penalties and fines, non-compliance poses a risk to reputation and customer loyalty and satisfaction. The trends revealed by this Indicator indicate improvements or deterioration in the effectiveness of internal controls.


This metric is looking for the total number of identified leaks, thefts, or losses of customer data.

For WikiRate researchers:

  • If a substantial number of these breaches relate to events in preceding years, this should be indicated in the comments.

  • If the organization has identified no leaks, thefts, or losses of customer data, please add “0” as the answer and any reported statements as a comment to the value. If the company does not report this Indicator, submit the answer as “Unknown”.

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