Digital Rights Data Sprint+P1.2 Access to privacy policies - Postpaid Mobile

P1.2 Access to privacy policies - Postpaid Mobile

Are the privacy policies for postpaid mobile available in the language(s) most commonly spoken by the company’s users?

Companies Values

Telenor India

2017 = Yes /Yes,Partial,No,N/A


2017 = Yes /Yes,Partial,No,N/A

Deutsche Telekom

2017 = Yes /Yes,Partial,No,N/A


2017 = Yes /Yes,Partial,No,N/A

Vodafone Group Plc

2017 = Yes /Yes,Partial,No,N/A

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Privacy Policy Document
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Yes , Partial , No and N/A


The company should offer privacy policies that are easy to find and easy to understand.

Privacy policies address how companies collect, manage, use, and secure information about users as well as information provided by users. Given this, we expect companies to ensure that users can easily locate the policy and to make an effort to help users understand what they mean.


We expect a company to take steps to help users understand the information presented in their documents.

Note: Terms of Service are not included in this indicator since they are covered in separate indicators in the “Freedom of Expression” section.


Potential sources:

  • Company privacy policy

  • Company data use policy

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