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Cotton is vastly used in the clothing industry and known to be one of the biggest water consuming plants. Approximately it takes more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton. When it comes to clothing, almost 50% of the fibres used for making clothes are cotton. 73% of global cotton harvest originates from irrigated land. Unsustainable cotton farming with high water and chemical usage has already destroyed large eco-systems for instance in Asia. Organic cotton is a much more sustainable alternative, however it only accounts for 1% of the worldwide cotton production and still is very expensive compared to conventional cotton. Furthermore, organic cotton also requires a large amount of water so is wool. However, it is not only the production of fibres that requires a lot of water but also rinsing and preparing as well as washing the fabric. Some companies have already started to implement new methods and ways to produce garments without wasting huge amounts of water. Another challenge is to bring water to drought areas in the world where production usually takes place.