Question: Does the company disclose that they provide living wage to workers in their supply chain?
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Gucci Limited
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Commitment to paying living wage or fair wages:

"We also believe that every employee directly or indirectly working with Gucci has the right to receive a sufficient and proportionate salary taking into account the quantity and quality of their work and in every case to assure a free and dignified existence to himself and his family. That is why both Kering and Gucci are committed to ensuring that workers are fairly compensated for their work and, to go beyond, are working with multi stakeholders around living wage transparency across the supply chain." (MSA Statement p.11)

Tingting Lu.....2022-12-10 09:16:11 UTC

MSA statement merely expresses Gucci's "commitment" to pay their workers a living wage but neglects to mention whether they currently pay their employees a living wage as well as failing to mention against which international benchmark standards they are measuring these against.

Ruby Wong.....2022-12-10 13:47:26 UTC