Question: Does the company describe a grievance mechanism to facilitate whistle-blowing or the reporting of suspected incidents of slavery or trafficking?
Hotline, Email, Contact Form (direct employees),
Hotline, Email, Contact Form (supply chain workers),
Whistleblower protection (direct employees),
Whistleblower protection (supply chain workers)
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pg. 23

“Importantly, Bridgewater enables people to raise issues through a variety of channels—including an employee’s management chain, our Employee Relations group, our Legal and Regulatory group, or Bridgewater’s anonymous reporting hotline. In our view, the most important thing is not how someone raises an issue, but that the process is clear and enables people to speak up.”

Pg. 24

“In the event that an actual or potential incident of modern slavery in our operations or supply chains is reported through Bridgewater’s anonymous tips program, the Chief Compliance Officer would be notified, triggering an investigation of the incident.”

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