Question: Does the company describe a grievance mechanism to facilitate whistle-blowing or the reporting of suspected incidents of slavery or trafficking?
Hotline, Email, Contact Form (supply chain workers),
Whistleblower protection (supply chain workers)
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In our supply chain we have country-specific helplines including the Accord (RSC) in Bangladesh; the Migrant Resource Centre in Mauritius (see page 10); and our IndustriALL hotline in Turkey. In addition to this, during every audit our auditors share their phone number and contact details with all workers.”

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“In February 2022, we also formally launched the Just Good Work (JGW) Mauritius app, funded by ASOS. The app informs migrant workers on their rights and responsibilities throughout the recruitment process and during their stay in Mauritius. It provides information on life in Mauritius, contact numbers of organisations and authorities should they need help, as well as an independent channel where they can raise grievances that have not been addressed by their employers. Grievances raised via the app go directly to the Migrant Resource Centre and CTSP, but the app also points workers in the direction of other support services they can access, such as the Ministry of Labour.”

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“In May 2022, local IndustriALL trade union affiliate CTSP conducted in-factory training for workers in our Mauritian supply chain on the Just Good Work Mauritius app (see more information on the app on page 10). The training covered how to access and download the app; how to use the app confidently and effectively; the advantages of the app; and how to use the app to report any grievances.”

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