Question: Does the company describe a grievance mechanism to facilitate whistle-blowing or the reporting of suspected incidents of slavery or trafficking?
list Yes, No
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Variable Metric Value Year
m1 Hotline (direct employees), Hotline (supply chain workers), Whistleblower protection (direct employees), Whistleblower protection (supply chain workers), Focal Point (direct employees), Focal Point (supply chain workers) 2022
= optionsYes = [ "Hotline (direct employees)" "Hotline (supply chain workers)" "Focal Point (direct employees)" "Focal Point (supply chain workers)" ] optionsNo = [ "Whistleblower protection (direct employees)" "Whistleblower protection (supply chain workers)" "In Development (direct employees)" "In Development (supply chain workers)" "No" ] if optionsYes.filter((v) -> m1.includes v).length "Yes" else if optionsNo.filter((v) -> m1.includes v).length "No" else "Unknown"