Question: Does the company continuously monitor suppliers to ensure that they comply with the company’s policies and local laws?
Audits of suppliers (independent),
On-site visits (independent)
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p4 - McDonald's frequently audits their supplies "to ensure their employment practices are suitable and in line with" the company's employment standards.

P6 - As part of the audit, modern slavery risks are addressed and "country-level human rights risk analyses are used to help inform the audit cycles for suppliers." Facilities in "countries that are considered to be at high risk require more regular on-site audits, regardless of the outcome of previous audits."

P6 - The Supplier Workplace Accountability (SWA) program "also includes on-site announced and unannounced audits conducted by third-party auditing firms to assess compliance with the Code." On-site audits conducted by third-party auditing firms can be announced and unannounced, where they make "physical inspections of the facility and include visits to housing and cafeteria for workers."

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