Question: Does the company continuously monitor suppliers to ensure that they comply with the company’s policies and local laws?
Audits of suppliers (self- reporting)
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updated 6 months ago by Manali Rana

On page 6 of the statement, it states "Wood is committed to ensuring that suppliers falling into these areas of heightened risk are identified, assessed and monitored as part of our routine supply chain governance and approach to managing the risk from modern slavery and human trafficking.", however, there is no clarification on how they monitor suppliers.

Jason Lin.....2022-11-07 17:51:17 UTC

pg. 4

“Supply Chain Function - Supplier Standard

In 2021 our supplier standard was updated to embed the Building Responsibly principles and support for Wood’s sustainability goals. The Standard is supported by a suite of tools inclusive of a due diligence tracker and educational pack for our supply chain team to draw upon. To increase transparency, we have continued to develop our Supply Chain dashboard which tracks due diligence activity monthly.”

Manali Rana.....2022-11-25 13:30:12 UTC