Question: How does the company assess the risks of modern slavery and trafficking in their supply chain?
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"We recognize that our most salient risks regarding modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain are in the lower tiers. Based on a risk mitigation approach, our core Tier 2 suppliers, who represent the majority of our business, have been included in our compliance program. For the other (non-core) Tier 2 suppliers, we require our Tier 1 suppliers to pass down our compliance requirements to their business partners. In 2017, we conducted a Supply Chain Human Rights Risk Assessment together with the specialist consultancy firm twentyfifty. The results showed that PUMA is proactively embedding responsible business conduct in its management processes as well as collaborating with other peers and industry initiatives. Mapping and assessing risk and impact practices in the lower Tiers of the supply chain were identified as opportunities for improvement to be better integrated at the strategic level."

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"Since any audit or assessment can only analyze the compliance situation at a given time, we also use other tools to manage and track the performance of our suppliers: PUMA Code of Conduct posters, including a worker hotline, PUMA Supplier Social Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and digital tools for worker outreach. Through social media platforms we have established a communication channel with workers and furthermore selected core suppliers have adopted a formalized compliance and human resources app for their workers. Our PUMA Code of Conduct posters, which are displayed at all PUMA suppliers globally, include phone numbers and email addresses of our sustainability supply chain team to offer open channels for all employees of PUMA suppliers. In 2020, we received in total 984 worker complaints from our factories, 99.9% were resolved. None of these complaints concerned modern slavery issues. As PUMA is an accredited member of the Fair Labor Association, any third party can also file an official third-party complaint with the FLA directly. No issues concerning modern slavery or human trafficking in PUMA's supply chains have ever been brought to the FLA complaint channel."

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