Question: Does the company’s statement detail one or more specific, organisational policies or actions to combat slavery in their direct (tier 1) and/or in-direct (beyond tier 1) supply chain?
Code of conduct or supplier code includes clauses on slavery and human trafficking (direct / tier 1),
Prohibit use of child labour (direct / tier 1)
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MSA policy (revised)
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Pg. 2

“We commit to working to, and promoting the highest standards of human rights, ending all forms of slavery, trafficking and child exploitation.

pg. 3

“Code of conduct for suppliers

Aligned to Wood’s Code of Conduct, sets our expectations for suppliers including upholding human rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, zero tolerance of abuses of human rights, inclusive of modern slavery and human trafficking.”

It states expectation and not the compliance.

"In 2021, our supplier code of conduct was updated to align with our sustainability goals and expectations for our suppliers to comply with and promote the Building Responsibly Principles."

Manali Rana.....2022-11-25 12:47:08 UTC