2021 | The Hershey Company | MSA Performance Indicators
Does the modern slavery statement define the performance indicators against which the company measures the effectiveness of its actions to combat slavery and trafficking? E.g. number of audits done, number of employee training provided
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"Accelerate efforts to address child labor in cocoa: Deliver on our commitment that 100% of the cocoa in our products

that originates from Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana will be sourced directly by 2025 and expand Child Labor Monitoring and

Remediation Systems (CLMRS) to 100% across these two countries by 2025.

• Expand supply chain human rights due diligence: Deliver our goal of enrollment of 100% of high risk-suppliers in our

supplier program by 2021 (~450 suppliers), expand responsible recruitment program to 100% of in-scope labor service

providers (~90 suppliers), and remediate 100% of any child or forced labor-related findings though corrective actions

plans and investments in supplier training & capability building.

Strengthen employee training: Maintain 100% completion rate of the Hershey Human Rights E-learning program for

all procurement employees, expand mandatory human rights training to at least two additional departments, and train

Hershey procurement and human resources managers of contingent labor providers on preventing forced labor through

the Responsible Labor Initiative (RLI) e-Learning platform.

• Promote a living wage & income within our value chain: Share our position on living wage & income in our value chain,

including continuing to pay a living wage to Hershey employees and implementing concrete actions to improve farmer

incomes in cocoa."

Jada Bullen.....2021-11-13 05:06:29 UTC

pg. 6

"Worker Voice Surveys: In 2021, we piloted two worker voice/engagement surveys in our India and Malaysia manufacturing plants. The survey targeted contract labor including migrant workers (Malaysia only) and proved to be an effective way to better understand recruitment and labor practices amongst this population"

"As of the end of 2021, 88% of all audit reports with instances of non-compliances have corrective action plans in place by suppliers."


"We continue to follow our public Palm Oil Grievance Procedure and Log....... As of 2021, 16 palm companies have been suspended, three of which were suspended due to human rights violations."

pg. 11

"Assessing Effectiveness

We continue to develop policies and practices that will help us assess and understand our effectiveness when it comes to addressing key human rights topics, including forced labor and modern slavery.

• Grievance mechanisms, such as our Concern Line (available in more than 47 languages and accessible to our suppliers) and our palm grievance log, help us understand the nature of the complaints against our company and our supply chain and effective remediation strategies.

• Our social compliance auditing and responsible recruitment programming surfaces labor and human rights related performance and activity (both positive and negative)

• Our origin-level investments, such as our Cocoa For Good strategy and CLMRS, give specific insight into rights and experiences of smallholder farmers and their families

• Our direct worker engagement surveys in our India and Malaysia facilities allowed us to understand the experiences of more than 650 contract and temporary workers in Hershey’s supply chain and identified opportunities for growth and improvement

We will continue to explore more specific KPIs that will help us track effectiveness in our efforts to promote human rights and address child labor and forced labor. "

Manali Rana.....2022-05-06 13:02:11 UTC