Question: Does the company disclose the ownership structures (or business models) of its brands, subsidiaries, and other businesses?
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updated over 1 year ago by Jason Lin

There is a whole section on the organizational structure and business model of the company on pages 2-3. It discusses its many divisions such as consulting, projects, and operations. As well as disclosing its core values or care, commitment, and courage.

Jason Lin.....2022-11-07 16:23:52 UTC

yes, but is not specific about the structure; just mentions consulting, projects, and operations, but not the specifics of who they work with/partner with

Christina Clouser.....2022-11-08 12:57:34 UTC

The company has mentioned its subsidiaries.

pg. 10

"This statement is applicable to all John Wood Group plc UK and Australian subsidiaries:"

Manali Rana.....2022-11-25 12:16:15 UTC