Question: Does the company disclose the ownership structures (or business models) of its brands, subsidiaries, and other businesses?
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"This Statement describes the activities of Capri Holdings Limited and its consolidated subsidiaries (collectively, “Capri Holdings,” the “Company,” “we” or “our”) to address modern slavery risks in our business and supply chains. We have prepared a single consolidated statement for all of our brands because we generally employ the same modern slavery policies and compliance program across our entire business."

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"Our Brands


Jimmy Choo

Michael Kors"

Singh Anjali.....2021-12-17 12:29:30 UTC

"Business Overview

Our Company

Capri Holdings is a global fashion luxury group, consisting of iconic brands that are industry leaders in design, style and craftsmanship. Our brands cover the full spectrum of fashion luxury categories including women’s and men’s accessories, footwear and ready-to-wear, wearable technology, watches, jewelry, eyewear and a full line of fragrance products. Our goal is to continue expanding the global reach of our brands while ensuring that each maintains its independence and exclusiveDNA.At the end of fiscal 2021, we had approximately 13,800 employees, consisting of approximately9,300 full-time employees and approximately 4,500 part-time employees, with approximately10,400 of our employees engaged in retail selling and administrative positions, and the remaining employees engaged in other aspects of our business. As of the end of fiscal 2021, most of our employees were located in North America (primarily in the United States), with the remainder located in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Our Brands


Versace, recognized as one of the world’s leading fashion luxury houses, is synonymous with Italian glamour and style. Founded more than 40 years ago in Milan, Versace is renowned throughout the world for its iconic and timeless heritage, unmistakable design aesthetic and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a leading global luxury house with an empowering sense of glamour and a playfully daring spirit. Since its founding in London in 1996, Jimmy Choo continues to be known for its red-carpet celebrity dressing and exceptional craftsmanship.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a world-renowned, American fashion luxury lifestyle house. Established in New YorkCity in 1981, Michael Kors is known for its jet-set glamour and is defined by a vision of speed, energy and optimism." p.1-2

Laureen van Breen.....2021-12-20 11:06:38 UTC