Question: Has the company reviewed business KPIs to ensure they are not increasing risk of modern slavery? (E.g. expansion to production countries that have a lot of migrant workers)
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There is no updated 2022 statement, but this is addressed in the 2021 statement. In 2020-2021, we partnered with BSR to conduct a modern slavery risk assesment. The assessment identified areas

of potential modern slavery risk within our business and provided strategies for risk mitigation and management. The

assessment identified the highest risk activities as ones that rely heavily on outsourced or subcontracted labor (e.g.,

manufacturing, food services, janitorial services, and security providers). We are working to prevent and mitigate these risks,

including by expanding our audit program to capture additional areas of potential risk and requesting additional information

from our key suppliers on their efforts to manage modern slavery risk in their supply chains. The assessment findings were

presented to both the Supplier Responsibility Steering Team and Compliance Steering Commitee.

Kesso Lake.....2022-11-10 14:14:52 UTC