Question: Does the company mention engaging directly in dialogue with suppliers’ workers at one or more levels of the supply chain (raw materials, textiles, manufacturing) as part of their due diligence?
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Aldi Stores Ltd
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Though they have provided training/education for workers, and supported programs to increase dialogue between workers and their managers, no indication of dialogue between Aldi and the workers...

Jessica Taylor.....2022-12-03 01:08:20 UTC

pg. 13

“Aldi Factory Advancement Project

The Aldi Factory Advancement (AFA) Project was introduced in 2013 to promote dialogue and cooperation between workers and managers in production facilities producing our textile goods in Bangladesh. This programme engages directly with workers to find solutions to issues regarding working conditions.

The project has created a safe place for workers to discuss the challenges they face. This has helped workers, managers, and AFA project trainers to discuss a variety of topics such as establishing effective communication structures, health and safety, working hours, promotion systems, private financial planning, quality management and productivity.”

Manali Rana.....2023-01-20 12:11:38 UTC