Question: Does the investor disclose in its modern slavery statement that it assesses investee companies prior to investment to identify potential modern slavery risk areas?
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p 5 - We expect all holdings to operate in accordance with the principles and standards set out in the United Nations Global Compact, which includes human rights and labour centric principles. We expect our holdings to respect internationally accepted human rights and labour rights throughout their business operations and value chain. This should include the maintenance of health, safety and wellbeing management systems, particularly in high-risk sectors; the management of exposure to labour and human rights risks throughout their value chain, especially human slavery; and encouraging positive relationships with local communities. We would also expect all potential and current companies to have in place policies and procedures in relation to combating modern slavery. Investors and relevant departments are encouraged to be alert to scenarios involving these wider considerations as part of initial due diligence and/or ongoing interactions with Investee Entities on an ongoing basis. p 6 - Introduced quarterly meetings between key internal departments to continue to assess Suppliers and Investee Entities

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