Research: UoN 2021 Managing Operations in the Digital Enterprise+description

This project is part of the SDGs Research, which aims to bring together institutions and students around the world to research how corporations impact and contribute to the SDGs.

By researching and analyzing company performance and making new data available on WikiRate, students and researchers contribute to understanding corporate sustainability and issues of subjectivity, contextualization of data and comparability.

There are three main components to this exercise:

  1. Collecting and add data to WikiRate according to the set of metrics in your project for 1 company over 1 year.
  2. In parallel to the data research, collecting qualitative information according to the SDGs and metrics researched, which provide additional context to understanding how companies are reporting to the SDGs and different issue areas.
  3. Peer review of data research.


  • Create a WikiRate profile. Click the “join” button on Create a username [name/student number/etc], add your email address and password, then click submit.

  • When you are signed into WikiRate, join your Research Group: by clicking on the link to your class (see the organizer list on this page), and clicking on "Join Group."


Once you have joined your research group, you can start researching. 

  1. Find the company you have been assigned to research and hit the Research button.
  2. Read the  Question and Methodology section (at the bottom of the Question page) to make sure you understand what the question is asking and what you will be searching for within the company report.
  3. Select the Year you want to find information on.
  4. In the Source tab read the sources of information (company reports, annual reports, sustainability reports) to find the answer to the Metric question.
    1. In this tab, you can view the sources that are already uploaded onto WikiRate. If you do not see a source, remove the Report type filter or/and the year filter.
  5. To cite your selected source, click on the Select Source button next to the Source view. 
  6. In the Answer tab, add a comment to your answer detailing the page number of the source where you found your metric value (if applicable). You can also include relevant excerpts from the report. If you converted the metric value, explain how you did so including equations. 
  7. It's time to submit your answer! Click the Submit button and check everything is correct.
  8. Go back to the Question tab and click the arrow > to move onto your next metric.
  9. Continue until you have added all the Metric answers for your Company within the research Project.