Question: What percentage of management positions are filled by women?
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The Company has reported male percentage in leadership team as 57%, hence calculated female percentage.(Assuming leadership roles as managers)

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Singh Anjali.....2021-06-04 05:44:30 UTC

"Women make up 64% of our overall work force but only fill 41% of our senior roles, which we categorise as ‘Heads Of’ or above. However, we’re making great progress – last year, women made up a much smaller percentage of senior positions, at just 31%."

"Our leadership team is slightly make-heavy, meaning more men than women received a payment for ALTIS 2015 (57% of those who received a payment were male). More men fill the most senior roles at ASOS (CEO for example), which has resulted in higher ALTIS payments for men on average, as more senior roles have higher award opportunities."

Heather.....2022-02-22 16:22:25 UTC