Everyone’s way in to corporate sustainability data.

A world in which everyone can understand and shape company impacts. That is the vision we want to make reality.

WikiRate is an open data platform with a diverse community that collects and analyzes company commitments, actions and impacts on people and the planet. 

Our mission is to empower better decision making and help tackle the world’s challenges with open data.

How? As company stakeholders we all have avenues to influence corporate behavior. It might be taking more informed consumption, investment, employment, or governance decisions. It might be writing a compelling academic paper, running an advocacy campaign, or submitting a proposal for legislative reform. No matter what our road to impact is, the data is our shared beginning.


Learn more about The Wikirate Project e.V., the organization behind WikiRate.

Free tools for taking action


Systematically gather environmental, social and governance data that you think is important. Commitments, actions and impacts can be recorded to keep track of specific companies or an entire sector.


Join or start research projects with like-minded people from the WikiRate community. Measure your collective progress, seek advice or simply stay in contact about what’s important to you.


Make standardize comparisons, monitor progress toward future targets, rate companies, or set up multi-tiered benchmarks.


Companies do not operate in isolation. Map them to their business relations like suppliers and investors to get a sense of how corporate networks function and can be leveraged.


Already have a pristine Data Set? Use the import tool or API to add your data in bulk to the platform. From there, it can be combined with other datasets or feed into live dashboards and tools that visualize your findings.


Explore the data made available by WikiRate’s community. Find what you are looking for? Download unlimited Data Sets or connect via the API for regular automated queries to make sure you always have the latest.

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