Question: Does the company implement medium to long-term assessment reviews of mitigated risks?
Arconic Inc.
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See V. Additional Risk Mitigation Efforts "We intend to take the following additional steps in respect of our 2019 compliance to mitigate the risk that the necessary 3TG in our in-scope products finance or benefit armed groups: 1. Continue to encourage Suppliers that provided company level information for 2018 to provide product level information for 2019. 2. Request Suppliers that provided incomplete responses or that did not provide responses for 2018 to provide requested information for 2019. 3. Monitor the continuing development and progress of traceability measures at Suppliers that indicated for 2018 that the source of 3TG was unknown or undeterminable. 4. Communicate to in-scope suppliers our sourcing expectations through the conflict minerals clause in our standard terms and conditions. All of the foregoing steps are in addition to the steps that we took in respect of 2018, which we intend to continue to take in respect of 2019, to the extent applicable."