Question: Does the company describe the internal management of the minerals due diligence program including, the management structure and/or role of senior management?
Describes management structure
Norsk Hydro
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"While Corporate CSR has a combined governance and advisory function regarding human rights, the responsibility for implementation rests with the line organization. • Corporate CSR is responsible for creating processes for human rights impact management in Hydro, and for communicating and advising on such processes to the line managers and business units. • Line management is responsible for ensuring the implementation of these processes. • Each employee is responsible for ensuring that their daily work activities do not negatively impact the rights of others, and that they alert management to instances where such impacts occur. Business units are responsible for communicating Hydro's position and processes on human rights impact management internally and externally, and for sharing information on their human rights impacts with other business units as applicable. Human rights shall, as part of the broader compliance system, be on the agenda on a regular basis in business area and sector management meetings and as part of the quarterly performance review meetings." p.2