Question: Does the company describe the internal management of the minerals due diligence program including, the management structure and/or role of senior management?
Describes management structure,
Describes role of senior management
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"A cross-functional team supports Microsoft’s responsible sourcing and 3TG compliance activities. A General Manager of the Devices Group sponsors the team. The team consists of representatives from Strategic Sourcing; Responsible Sourcing/Social and Environmental Accountability; Manufacturing; Accounting/Finance; Internal Audit; Experiences and Devices Group; Corporate, External and Legal Affairs; Business and Corporate Responsibility; Information Services; and Product Environmental Compliance. This team meets quarterly to assess the program’s progress, identify steps necessary to meet our compliance obligations, and identify areas for continuous improvement. The team also trains other internal stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities for implementing and supporting Microsoft’s responsible sourcing program. Team members are responsible for developing, reviewing, filing, and publishing the CMR."