Question: Does the company have a mechanism to recycle products?
Recycling Products
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Annual Report 2016-17, pg 156

"The ash generated from thermal power stations is the major waste. Tata Power’s endeavour is to utilize 100% Fly Ash at all locations and initiatives are in place to utilize the bottom ash as well. The waste/used oil which comes under the hazardous

waste category and e-waste is disposed off through authorized recyclers. Other wastes such as steel, wood are reused internally."


Sustainability Report, pg 38

Ash, hazardous materials, biomedical waste and e-waste are recycled. Data for stations are also provided in the report.

Nitish Kumar Parihar.....2018-12-21 10:04:17 UTC

The company discloses details on how waste is recycled but no details on product recycling.

Aileen Robinson.....2019-01-21 12:51:31 UTC