Question: Does the company have strategies or initiatives in place to address global environmental issues such as climate change and global warming?
Mindtree Limited
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"The company endorses the precautionary principle and commits to conserve resources through multiple strategies. Ecological sustainability is a key pillar of our sustainability framework. Details of our endeavors can be found on , under ecological sustainability."

On the ecological sustainability section of their website, they give further detail:

"Energy efficiency

Energy availability is a core area of our resource conservation efforts. Mindtree recognizes being a business that is dependent on people and IT infrastructure - energy impacts business directly and indirectly. Energy availability itself is a concern, considering that the major operational footprint is in Indian cities. Frequent power shortages increase dependency on diesel generators to power offices and IT systems, in turn increasing not just operational costs, but more importantly, carbon emissions.

Over the years we have implemented a variety of energy conservation and energy efficiency measures. Our employee energy intensity stands at 201 kWh per month.

We have adopted the LEED green building design for our infrastructure. Three of our offices in India are certified LEED gold standards.

Water management

Water scarcity is a growing reality in the world around us. At Mindtree, water conservation has gained increased importance over the last few years. Water is withdrawn from three sources - ground water, municipal water supplies and private purchase. We have put in place rainwater harvesting systems in late 2012-13 – this will allow us to capitalize on water harvesting from the upcoming monsoons.

100% of the outlet water from our facilities is treated using Sewage Treatment plants (STP's) available at our own and Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP’s) at our builder’s premises. We recycle approximately 8% of water using owned STP’s. This water is reused internally for flushing and landscaping purposes. Water consumption per employee is 1.05 m3 per month.

Green House Gas (GHG) emissions

Since 2009, Mindtree has been measuring its carbon emissions and has actively taken steps in the reduction of its GHG emissions. Our GHG mitigation strategy works on a three pronged approach – resource conservation practices, energy efficiency and sustainable waste management. The bulk of GHG emissions at Mindtree are due to energy consumption – both direct and indirect. Our emission intensity stands at 3.38 tonnes / employee.

Waste management

At Mindtree, we are diligent about tracking and managing our waste levels. We continually assess the operational risks to the environment and take care to recycle our waste wherever possible. 65% of the waste generated at our facilities is recycled through authorized vendor tie-ups.

Green infrastructure

We have adopted the LEED green building design for our infrastructure, 3 of our India offices are certified to LEED gold standards. Our upcoming LEED platinum certified Bhubaneshwar campus and Gold certified Bangalore campuses have benefited from our best practices over the years

Green council

Our Green community is driven by our Green Council and has been a passionate advocate for change and eco-friendliness within Mindtree, spearheading several worthy initiatives in the fields of energy, water, waste management and pollution mitigation. Our focus is to empower the Green Community to spread their passion and awareness to all our Mindtree minds."

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