Question: Does the company have strategies or initiatives in place to address global environmental issues such as climate change and global warming?
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The company does not directly mention climate change or global warming but it does outline initiatives which it has undertaken to reduce its carbon footprint.

"The Company is also taking various initiatives for reducing the environment footprint of its operations and mitigating any possible environmental risks. Efforts are taken to minimize energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation from manufacturing operations.The Company has taken various energy efficiency measures at its plants, including:

• Reduced generation and efficient utilization of flushing oils;

• Using energy efficient technology like solar and LED lights to reduce energy consumption;

• Using fuel additive with furnace oil to obtain best fuel efficiency, boiler condensate recovery and maintenance resulting in lower furnace oil consumption;

• Optimizing power and utility operations;

• Recycling treated water from effluent treatment plant which is now being used for sanitation, resulting in reduction of fresh water consumption."

Aileen Robinson.....2018-11-01 14:21:37 UTC